Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello again

I actually presented last night, appeared from the darkened corners of my mind and put a face on.

There's quite a preamble to this, which I'll not go in to, but for the first time in a long time I actually needed to see me for my sake. Not because I was going out, or meeting somebody, or in search of adventure. I just needed reassurance I was still there. An emotional crutch.

Stupid, huh?

When you spend much of your life seeing a stranger, a fa├žade, if you glance a reflection, to suddenly see yourself after nearly two months, is distinctly weird. I know the physical doesn't matter and that who we are never changes, and is all that really matters, but it is a peculiar feeling to have the two in, relative harmony. And, actually, to feel relatively comfortable.

Anyway. This is a good thing, if I am to step in to the light I've got to be at least slightly sure I won't scare small dogs. And traffic wardens.

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