Sunday, 22 September 2013

Another step

I had time to think on Friday night.

Waiting and thinking
By chance I'd caught the in between train so had half an hour sitting in Cambridge. And it was the perfect time to think. No fuckwitts or drunks. No bad weather. And even the loos weren't too awful.

Mostly what I thought about was talking. Specifically telling and explaining and how I would attempt to give a drama free explanation of what changes I'm going through and what they do and don't mean. The tricky bit was these would be my children and parents I had to talk with.


So I felt a little bit lost in thought as my mind raged with turmoil. And then I slept on it.

I talked a little bit on the Saturday with my lovely friend Sarah about how to approach my eldest. All very sound advice and as it matched my thoughts I felt deeply reassured.
It was simply a matter of timing.

Which I then lost. This morning I received a LinkedIn request. From my dad. Oh. I mean oh! It was time to talk.

Which scared me. I didn't know which way they would react and whilst I hoped all would be well I did have to mentally prepare for it not going so well.


Fortunately I had lots of time to think, I didn't want to do anything until I was safely home in Contrary Towers, I needed to be somewhere I felt both safe and comfortable.

And then we talked. And talked. And talked. It seemed to go okay, as my flatmate predicted, and I just hope things stay this way.

So not a terribly exciting post, but an important bridge to cross.

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