Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Blood, sweat and airheadedness

I'm sure that's a real word. Owing to me slightly forgetting that I needed to set a doctor's appointment before my HRT ran out, well, yes, I had to scamper along to get an extra month as it will run out before the date I've booked.


Anyway, I also asked for a blood test as I was supposed to have one after three months to check whether my oestrogen levels were still low and my stroppiness high. Oh, wait, no that was cholesterol being high. I was asked to wait so the doctor could sign my form then trotted off to 55 Wimpole Street where the Doctor's Laboratory is.

Or, as it turned out, was.

I was so busy reading the form to check where I needed to add my address that I didn't notice the address change on the top of the form. But did see it on the door as I was about to go in. Oops.

Fine, whatever.

Fortunately the new place is on my way back to the office. Also fortunately they were as stunningly speedy as ever, I was in and out, bloods taken, in under ten minutes. Though I must say I don't like the decor of the new place. Fussy, I know. I also had a new phlebotomist which unsettled me. I've had the same Australian girl testing me over the last few years and whilst Simon was very efficient I didn't feel the friendly warmth that I used to get. It also meant my stress levels shot up and I had a hot flush. Great.

Oh well, I'll know for next time when I'm sure I'll be less off an airhead.


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