Friday, 30 March 2012

For a few hurrahs more...

Okay. Maybe I was a little unfair.

Mr Changed-His-Mind did get in touch again by text, which I was actually mildly irritated by (really, you had a busy day? And I didn't?!?!?!). Cue, as you say on Twitter *irrational face*. I really wasn't in the right place emotionally, especially after my flatmate pointed me at the Shostakovitch String Quartet No. 15 in E flat minor (aka Op. 144), so then was definitely not the time to respond.

Poke his eye out with a stick, maybe, but answer a text, never.

I slept (badly) on it. But this morning a message asking whether I'd be free for coffee in Canary Wharf at 11am. Now coffee at 11am has to count in the safe-things-to-do-because-it-won't-end-badly class. Yes? I really hope so. The thing is, I'm not actually looking for anything beyond, well, somebody showing an interest. I need a confidence builder. A really big one.

And it does mean that I'll be swanning around in something summery so I can get all my jeans washed. Bonus!

So. More later.

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