Friday, 24 August 2012

Whiskers on kittens...

Okay, so not so much favourite things. But then maybe they are.

I've lots to be thankful for and good things are on the horizon. Firstly, I have two lovely children. Who mostly don't kill each other. Or haven't yet. Which is good. Right?

I'm thankful for my flatmate, who happens to be my best friend. I know I exasperate her. But then she does me. But I also can't imagine living with anyone else as, well, it's really a very good arrangement. I'm also thankful for her clear advice, almost constant joie de vivre and ability to be very silly.

I'm thankful that even given the tightness of things now I seem to have stuff in my diary for several evenings, some via my flatmate, some via my bezzie. Some via, err, me. I did say as we sat on the balcony the other night that not going out wasn't really an issue for me, I am still so happy in Contrary Towers, just sitting quietly on an evening reading or watching the ducks, whatever it is, feels peaceful and calm.

I'm thankful for my friends, who I know I don't get to see enough, especially as I've been hiding away, so I'm really glad I'm getting to see my bezzie next week.

I'm thankful the phone has kept ringing all week. So I still have a zero income issue, but at least I now have an ever filling diary of interviews next week. Which is definitely good. Honestly, that was the worst possible time of year to finish a contract. So I'm hopeful. As I wrote last time I do need the opiate of work to deal with some other things. If nothing else it reduces the number of issues to deal with.

And finally, I'm thankful that I'm managing to keep bouncing out of the sad moments. I'd rather not go there in the first place, but good that I get out quickly.

I still need a snog though.


  1. A lovely post. Very happy you have things to be thankful for, love x

  2. Thank you sweetie. You are one of the people I must catch up with, I've really let things slide x