Monday, 5 August 2013


As I'm in a constant search for distractions, any distractions I brought a carton of Oven Pride back with me. Yep, it was time to clean the oven. It really had reached the point of being embarrassing.

So that's what I did on Sunday night and was the most fun I've had all weekend. But it gets better than that...

I had to clean it off this morning...

Anyway, must find another distraction, what with my phone switching itself off regularly and not wanting to go near Twitter for fear of (a) ranting and (b) seeing how smug people are.

Not that I begrudge that, I just don't want to be reminded about how empty life is.  And in the unlikely event that you read this and are offended that you chat with me regularly can I just point out that I'm fed up with talking with my finger.

I'll not ask the question, I know it's too much to ask.

At least I have five shiny days of work to distract and exhaust me.

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